NEWS2 March 2017

Remesh brings AI research tool to Latin America

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US – Remesh, a company that uses artificial intelligence to combine responses from multiple research participants into one, is bringing its software to the Latin American market with the help of Brazilian online sample provider eCGlobal.

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Remesh allows researchers to ask questions of a group as if they were one person. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse answers from individuals, then combines them into a single response that reflects the opinions of the group.

Clients will now be able to use Remesh to put questions to members of eCGlobal’s 1.6 million-strong online community.

Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobal, said Remesh would “super-charge” clients’ ability to understand their consumers.

eCGlobal has already run pilot studies with Brazilian TV network Globo, to get quick feedback from viewers of popular ‘telenovela’ TV dramas, and plans to work with other brands in the consumer goods, telecoms and media industries, as well as with research agencies.

Remesh was founded in 2014 and secured $1m of investment in a funding round last year.