NEWS25 April 2022

Remesh introduces Remesh Flex and adds multi-language feature

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US – AI-powered market research platform Remesh has launched Remesh Flex sessions alongside multi-language capabilities.

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Remesh Flex gives session hosts the opportunity to host an ongoing, asynchronous Remesh session for up to 5,000 participants, offering leaders the ability to analyse the qualitative data effectively as the session progresses.

The discussion is self-paced by participants, enabling enriching responses from the target audience, who aren't hindered by typical research group constraints such as timing or geographical location, according to the Ohio-headquartered company.

This is said to be especially useful in product concept testing, ad testing, and employee experience feedback, giving qualitative insights at scale. Companies utilising this feature can pair it with a live session, for instant insights into responses while maximising the number of participants over a period of time. 

The addition of multilingual capabilities gives businesses the option to host the same live survey in different languages and view the merged results.

This allows moderators to remove the language barriers that often hinder research processes and tap into how their customers/employees are feeling across geographies, something that is especially crucial for international organisations.