NEWS24 June 2021

RealityMine launches finance data tools

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UK – Market research technology firm RealityMine has introduced tools to help analyse consumer behavioural data for the financial services industry.

Market data graphic

The tools will operate across mobile, table and PCs and will include features such as tracking where targeted audiences spend their time online and the websites they visit.

Other features in RealityMine’s financial services tools include the ability to examine consumers’ search history, including search terms used when looking for information regarding bank accounts, loans, credit cards and mortgages.

The new tools follow RealityMine’s recently announced partnership with transaction measurement company Rippll on behavioural and transaction data in the finance sector.

The partnership will provide clients with single-source digital behavioural information from RealityMine and transaction data from Rippll’s open banking technology.

Alex Sunnerstam, senior vice-president data solutions and partnerships at RealityMine, said: “FinTech is more important than ever with contactless and digital payments booming as a result of the pandemic.”