NEWS4 March 2022

QuestionPro introduces new employee experience practice

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US – Online survey service provider QuestionPro has launched a new department called Positive People Science, designed to help companies use data more effectively when creating employee experiences.

Employees in an office

The practice provides end-to-end support in building and implementing an employee experience strategy and features services such as survey design, advanced data analysis, action planning and impact assessment, across a variety of topics. These include diversity, equity & inclusion, leadership development, wellbeing, productivity, turnover/retention and managing multiple cultures.

The Positive People Science practice is led by Sanja Licina and Ana Bedacarratz. The former has over 20 years’ experience in developing high performing cultures through employee engagement, while Bedacarratz is a psychologist with 15 years’ experience applying data-driven methodologies to uncover meaningful insights about people and social contexts.

QuestionPro’s team of experienced professionals partners with stakeholders in each organisation to understand their key challenges, identify desirable outcomes and learn what new data is needed to achieve change. Using surveys as well as methodologies rooted in research, QuestionPro develops an action plan to meet the company’s goals, whether it is to reduce attrition, improve productivity, foster innovation, or other initiatives as directed.

The plan includes concrete steps and measurable outcomes that are evaluated on an ongoing basis after implementation, which provides an opportunity for adjustment and more effective progression towards goals.

“Through meaningful and impactful data we help companies establish a better connection and more significant understanding of what their employee experience is like and how to improve it,” said Licina, who is also president of QuestionPro Workforce. “Our approach is data-driven, personalised and optimised for impact.”