NEWS24 March 2023

Forty1 designs behavioural tool for employee experience

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UK – Forty1, employee experience division of communications company The Creative Engagement Group, has launched a diagnostic and analysis tool combining behavioural science and data-driven insights.


The tool, called Morphex, will use behavioural science techniques to understand where people are psychologically during change process, including how they feel about change programmes and any barriers to adoption.

Morphex uses an algorithm that identifies a specific techniques or triggers that can be used to help people adopt to workplace or business changes, helping to design and deliver targeted change interventions.

Forty1 is an employee experience consultancy and a division of The Creative Engagement Group that combines insight, technology and creativity to help deliver employee experiences that drive engagement and business performance.

Guy Champniss, head of behavioural science at The Creative Engagement Group, said: “Morphex places a deep understanding of human behaviour – and what it takes to change it – at the core of its offer to ensure your most important asset is an active proponent of change.”

Richard Burton, global managing partner at Forty1, said: “Change is nothing new in business, but as it gets bigger, faster and more complex, employees are struggling to keep up.

“With Morphex, we can provide our clients with data-driven behavioural insights that allow them to design and deliver the targeted tools, training, communications, and leadership interventions they need to make change stick.”