NEWS23 August 2023

QuestionPro adds generative AI to platform

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US – Online research and experience company QuestionPro has launched a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool to design surveys.

Screengrab of QuestionPro's generative AI tool, showing example questions within a survey

Users of the company’s research platform can use the feature to build surveys using a conversational interface, defining research topics and generating survey questions.

The technology is based on QuestionPro’s generative AI and ChatGPT.

The company claimed the tool will reduce the cost and time involved in developing surveys and generate questions for users who don’t know best practices for creating surveys.

Dan Fleetwood, president, QuestionPro Research & Insights, said: “QxBot reduces the time needed to programme surveys. But more importantly it can help users create sophisticated questions and surveys to meet more complex research needs.”

Earlier this year, QuestionPro acquired AI business PathosAI and survey platform Doopoll. 

Pictured: Screengrab of QuestionPro’s generative AI tool