NEWS22 June 2023

QuestionPro acquires PathosAI

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US – Research, data and insights service QuestionPro has acquired artificial intelligence (AI) firm PathosAI for an undisclosed amount.

Wooden blocks showing merger concept

PathosAI supports insights and consumer research and uses AI models to examine people’s emotions and their impact on future behaviour.

The acquisition will see PathosAI’s technology be incorporated into QuestionPro’s research and insights platform, building on existing AI and natural language processing features.

Vivek Bhaskaran, founder and chief executive at QuestionPro, said: “Consumers make rational decisions for emotional reasons.

“Now, brand marketers and customer experience professionals have the ability to truly understand the emotions behind customer decisions.”

Sumair Sayani, founder at PathosAI, said: “It’s no longer good enough to just listen to customers – increasingly they demand that brands actually empathise with them.

“Our integrated service, which will enable brands to unearth customer emotions, predict what drives those emotions, and create a customer pathway to maximize delight represents a quantum leap in the power of market research and customer experience to drive better business outcomes.”