NEWS22 October 2013

Over half of digital advertising impressions ineffective, says InsightExpress

News North America

US — Analytics and marketing accountability provider InsightExpress has claimed that over half of advertising exposures are unnecessary.

According to data from its InsightNorms database, media delivery is most effective at a frequency of 1-6 exposures, moderately effective at 7-16 exposures and all exposures above 17 become “ineffective due to oversaturation”.

This, the company concludes, means that the average digital campaign wastes 53% of impressions.

The news comes alongside the launch of MediaInsights, InsightExpress’s new approach for audience measurement and post-buy campaign validation. According to the company, the approach helps advertisers and agencies to audit their media purchases, optimise their in-market campaigns and inform future campaigns, by providing information on key audience accountability indicators, demographics and behavioural data.

More information on the new approach and the InsightNorms data can be found here.