NEWS30 June 2014

One in five Japanese internet users feel out of depth with new tech

Asia Pacific Technology

JAPAN — One in five internet users in Japan say new technology is ‘a bit beyond them’, according to GfK’s Roper Reports Worldwide.

The study, which looked at internet users’ attitudes towards new technology, found that while 38% agreed that new technology “must be mastered if one is to remain up-to-date”, only 21% said that they found technology exciting and used it as much as they could. The same proportion claimed that it was “a bit beyond them”.

Men and younger respondents tended to be more excited by, and more comfortable with, new technology.

Perhaps surprisingly, given Japan’s reputation as embracing technology, the proportion of Japanese respondents saying they found new technology products and services exciting ( 21%) was lower than that observed across the rest of the Asia-Pacific region ( 29%), and the global average ( 32%).