NEWS19 July 2013

NZ’s Cinta Research up for sale

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NEW ZEALAND — Founder and MD of New Zealand research firm Cinta Research Fiona Hudson is looking to sell the company.

Hudson founded the company in 1996 and is a full service market research firm providing quantitative and qualitative market research for all industry & organisational types throughout New Zealand as well as specialising in agri-research with 70% of business coming from the agricultural sector.

Hudson said that she was selling up due to commitments to her daughter’s burgeoning career as New Zealand’s top alpine skier, ranked in the top 300 in the world.

She said: “The reason why I am looking to move on from Cinta is my commitment towards my 17 year old daughter in a sports management role. Since she was nine years old I have been juggling travelling internationally and running Cinta but now it requires even more of my time and effort as she spends more time overseas and on the world stage.”

Hudson said the company could be run virtually from the UK or by someone looking to emigrate to New Zealand.