NEWS26 October 2009

Nielsen pumps another $2.5m into CRE think tank

News North America

US— The Nielsen Company has pumped a further $2.5m into its Council for Research Excellence, a client forum created to pursue methodological research.

The investment brings the total that Nielsen has invested in the CRE since it was established four years ago to $10m.

Since its creation the CRE has conducted research on multi-media video usage and non-response bias in TV ratings. It is currently working on two further studies, on the value and applications of set-top box data, and on methodologies for determining ‘universe estimates’ for ownership of media equipment such as TVs, computers and digital video recorders.

Susan Whiting (pictured), vice chair of the Nielsen Company, said: “Nielsen founded the Council for Research Excellence four years ago to provide our clients with a more active opportunity to advance audience measurement. We continue to see the CRE as one of the best investments we can make towards bringing together people who often have competing agendas and different points of view.”

The CRE is led by a board of 40 senior researchers, mostly from Nielsen clients including advertisers, broadcasters ,cable networks, and ad agencies. It also has a steering committee and a number of smaller working committees.