NEWS31 May 2022

Nielsen partners on ad campaign measurement

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US – Nielsen has been appointed by global media company Studio71 to run its ‘always on’ measurement in 37 markets worldwide.

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The agreement will see Studio71 use Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) tool to allow evaluation of advertising campaign performance with independent, third-party, audience verification metrics and consistent persons-level reporting.

Studio71’s network runs across computer, mobile and connected television (CTV) devices, and the agreement to use DAR will allow the firm to compete for cross-media spend.

The agreement comes as Nielsen prepares to launch Nielsen One, a single source cross-media measurement tool.

It also follows an arrangement announced earlier this month between Nielsen and Lululemon Athletica to become the clothing firm’s preferred marketing mix modelling provider in the US and Canada.

Kim Gilberti, senior vice-president, product management, at Nielsen, said: “Nielsen DAR, widely adopted by advertisers, gives Studio71 more holistic insights and will demonstrate the true breadth of their inventory to fully showcase their value to media buyers, agencies and advertisers.

“Enabling 'Always On’ measurement is critical for publishers because it expands visibility into their entire portfolio performance, leveraging data to drive more efficient media plans and, ultimately, a higher return on investment. It also makes it seamless for advertisers to enable measurement at scale.”

Tariq Abouddafar, senior vice-president of ad platform operations at Studio71, said: “Nielsen’s ‘always on’ DAR integration gives us the ability to continuously analyse and optimise demographic pockets within our ad inventory, and in turn we can more effectively use that data for media planning and targeting.

“Since our integration, our partners have seen huge performance increases in reaching target audiences, all verified by Nielsen’s leading measurement capabilities.”

CTV deduplication
Nielsen has expanded its deduplication of CTV devices to include smart TV original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inventory.

The expansion will allow media buyers and sellers to get access to person-level viewership inclusive of co-viewing across Samsung and Vizio devices, as well as streaming platforms such as Roku or Hulu.

Nielsen DAR users will be able to see deduplicated person-level reporting of CTV audiences across leading smart TV OEMs and streaming providers.

Ameneh Atai, general manager, digital audience measurement at Nielsen, said: “This is a critical step toward Nielsen One and the movement toward providing comparable and deduplicated metrics across all screens, 24/7 for the marketplace.

“Nielsen’s combination of CTV coverage and deduplication with person-level co-viewing leads the industry as streaming grows and represents a larger share of how people consume media.”