NEWS16 June 2022

Nielsen releases measurement tools ahead of Nielsen One launch

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US – Nielsen has released the next phase of its Nielsen One Alpha cross-platform measurement tool for audience measurement.

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Nielsen One Alpha will now allow users to combine traditional audience measurement with advanced audience and outcomes measurement to support advertising campaigns.

The company said that the added capabilities would allow users to follow audience reactions to an advertising campaign at every step of the media journey, including how it was delivered to niche audiences and actions taken by viewers as a result of the campaign.

Insights included in the updated tool include impressions, reach, frequency, return-on-investment and effectiveness, according to Nielsen.

The inclusion of advanced audiences will initially integrate Polk automotive audience segments by S&P Global Mobility followed by additional groups, and audiences including client first-party segments.

The tool will initially focus on consumer-packaged goods, followed by the automotive industry.

Nielsen One Alpha, which offers deduplicated cross-platform advertising measurement, will have general availability at the end of this year.

Karthik Rao, chief operating officer at Nielsen, said: “We continue to make tremendous progress to bring cross-platform metrics to market by the end of this year, following the initial launch of Nielsen One Alpha.

“By previewing advanced audiences and outcomes measurement alongside reach and frequency metrics, we are helping marketers with a next generation solution where they will be able to better understand the value of the investments they are making, the targeted audiences they’re reaching and the actions being taken in a single view.”