NEWS5 October 2022

Nielsen upgrades YouTube ad measurement

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US – Nielsen has expanded its digital advertising measurement tool Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) to include YouTube video advertising campaigns.

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The upgrade to DAR will allow advertisers and agencies with the data to better understand reach, manage frequency and prove the efficacy of media buys across YouTube and YouTube TV.

DAR will use ‘always on’ measurement for YouTube to remove the need for advertisers and agencies to manually tag or enable campaigns and to access more impressions data.

The upgrade, which will apply to the US market, follows the addition of YouTube connected television (CTV) to DAR in 2020, YouTube TV CTV co-viewing in April 2022, and Nielsen Four-Screen Ad Deduplication in July 2022.

The announcements come ahead of the launch of Nielsen’s cross-media measurement platform Nielsen One, which is due for release in December 2022.

Kim Gilberti, senior vice-president, product management, at Nielsen, said: “By enabling continuous ‘always on’ measurement on YouTube, we’re helping advertisers to get a better understanding of one of the leading and largest ad supported platforms.

“By achieving true cross-channel comparability, this marks an important milestone in Nielsen’s steady march toward delivering Nielsen One, which will provide a comparable, deduplicated view into the channels and platforms all audiences consume, across all screens.”