NEWS1 June 2022

Nielsen launches sports data tool in five major US leagues

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US – Nielsen has expanded its sports marketing and investment tool Nielsen Impact Score Pro to cover five of the most popular sports in the US.


Nielsen Impact Score Pro will be available to teams playing in the top leagues of American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey and football.

The leagues covered are Major League Soccer (MLS), the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Hockey League (NHL).

The New York Mets baseball team will be the first to sign up to Nielsen Impact Score Pro, which will allow teams to benchmark the relative sponsorship value of their properties and assets to make data-informed cases to brands for marketing and sponsorship investment.

The tool provides brands access to cross-league benchmarks spanning sports marketing key performance indicators, allowing those brands to optimise their sponsorship selections and portfolios.

Other features of Nielsen Impact Score Pro include an information database featuring team-level metrics, sponsor exposure benchmarks, viewership trends, fan affinity benchmarks, social media engagement metrics, and benchmarks by league, designated market area and sports league.

Jon Stainer, managing director, Americas, at Nielsen Sports, said: “Sports teams playing in some of the world’s most popular leagues are able to effectively engage massive audiences and deliver marketing messages on behalf of brands like no other properties.

“Nielsen Impact Score Pro is capable of delivering data analytics solutions that provide benchmarking and intelligence to back up decision making by teams and brands at the highest level of sports.”