NEWS16 October 2018

New industry body firms up plans for Canadian researchers

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CANADA – The industry association launched to represent Canada’s market research sector in the aftermath of the MRIA closure earlier this year has been named as the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) as its members look to formalise the organisation.

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Following an inaugural meeting on 30 August, the association’s interim board has voted to endorse Esomar standards to continue the Canadian industry’s approach to standards taken by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA).

CRIC will include provisions to address national issues whether in the area of privacy, disclosure around political polling, or emerging concerns related to the use of data sources other than surveys.

Barry Watson, co-chair of CRIC’s interim board and president and CEO of Environics Research, said: “Canada has always had close ties to Esomar, having actively taken part in developing their global standards. This decision aligns us with the global market and opens doors beyond Canada and onto the world scene.”

The board has also voted to support an initiative led by Robert Wong, a fellow of MRIA and principal of RMCG, who is consulting with the industry to explore options to continue a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation.

Additionally, CRIC has arranged to finance the operations of the MRIA’s Survey Registration System, which allows members of the public to verify the legitimacy of research projects and file complaints, until bankruptcy proceedings come to a close.

Jim Pealow of AMCES has been retained to guide the board on governance decisions such as bylaws and incorporation.

The association is expected to open to membership early in 2019, when CRIC has been formalised and incorporated. Members will be required to commit to adhering to Esomar’s standards and undergo an audit process as part of the application process.