NEWS5 August 2009

Motally launches beta version of iPhone apps tracker

North America Technology

US— Mobile analytics firm Motally has launched a beta version of a service to track usage of applications on iPhone and BlackBerry handsets.

The service aims to help developers and publishers learn more about their users, optimise product offerings and improve ROI on advertising campaigns through the collection of demographic data and the tracking of specific events.

Arte Merritt, Motally’s founder and CEO, said: “The possibilities of data we can capture and report on are nearly endless and give publishers the most flexibility to understand usage of their applications.”

Motally received investment earlier this year from venture capitalist house BlueRun and angel investor Ron Conway to help develop its analytics platform.

The firm already has competition from a similar firm, Medialets, which received invesment worth $4m in May to further develop its products that track usage of applications on iPhones and Google Android phones.

Medialets said it plans to add support for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm Pre devices this year.