NEWS2 July 2014

Mobile ad spend set to overtake print in 2015

News UK

UK — Mobile ad spending in the UK has continued to show significant growth and is due to pass the £2bn mark this year, according to a new report from eMarketer.


Image source: eMarketer, June 2014

The report predicts that mobile ad spending will surpass print ad spending in 2015, at 20.5% of all spending vs. 17%, and that by 2018 mobile will represent almost 40% of total paid media spending in the UK.

Andrew Goode, COO of ‘brand safety’ platform Project Sunblock, believes this trend could pose a threat for advertisers:

“Mobile is set to be king of the ad platforms and brands are adapting rapidly, funnelling advertising spend away from TV, print and even traditional desktop display, and into mobile platforms,” Goode says. “But putting more emphasis on mobile isn’t enough to ensure your ads have an impact. The fact is that advertisers still don’t have enough insight into where their ads are appearing online, let alone on mobile web.

“As it stands, thousands of ad impressions are wasted every day because advertisers have no idea where their display ads end up or if they are even seen.”