NEWS11 July 2014

Global ad spending growth set to double this year

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GLOBAL — Advertisers will spend $545.4 billion on paid media in 2014, according to new figures from eMarketer.

Source: eMarketer, June 2014

According to a new report, total media ad spending will increase 5.7% this year, more than double the growth rate of 2.6% from a year ago. This ties in with recent figures released by WARC on projected UK adspend.

According to eMarketer, this will be driven by a number of factors, including the “advertising frenzies” attached to the FIFA World Cup and the Winter Olympics, as well as steady increases in online and mobile advertising.

The report predicts that long-term, digital channels will continue to drive global advertising growth. It projects that digital ad spending will increase 16.7% this year, totalling $140.15 billion and surpassing 25% of all media ad spending for the first time.