NEWS19 November 2015

Millennials spend nearly one day per week on their phones

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GLOBAL — Worldwide, young people spend 3.2 hours a day on their mobiles – the equivalent of almost one day per week ( 22.4 hours) – according to new research from TNS.


This figure is even higher in Asia: millennials in China use their phones for 3.9 hours each day; in Malaysia the figure is 3.8 hours; and in Singapore, 3.4 hours.

According to the Connected Life study of 60,000 internet users worldwide, millennials prioritise social over other forms of media, with 63% using social media daily and 59% watching online video. This age group is also more likely to adopt new buying methods such as mobile payments – 8% of millennials do this daily.

Those online aged 46-65 spend 1.5 hours a day on their phones and 24% use Facebook on a daily basis.

“Brands need to be wary of making sweeping assumptions about the digital habits of different age groups,” said Joseph Webb, global director of Connected Life. “While millennials are clearly an important demographic, Generation X (aged 31-45 ) and the baby boomers (aged 46-65 ) generally have higher disposable incomes, established buying patterns and are spending increasingly more time online.

“Brands are often too focused on the need to market to their most advanced digital consumer, when actually a tiered strategy, reflecting where the spending power actually sits, may be more appropriate.”

Full findings can be accessed here.