NEWS7 June 2011

MediaBank adds TRA viewing and purchase data to planning platform

North America Technology

US— Media measurement agency TRA has struck a deal with tech provider MediaBank that will see its data on viewing and purchase behaviour integrated into the latter’s media-buying platform.

TRA’s Purchaser Ratings Points combine TV viewing data from set-top boxes with purchase data and, by adding them to MediaBank’s media-buying platform, the firms say, users will be able to target the households that are most responsive to the brand’s advertising.

MediaBank CEO Bill Wise said: “We’re particularly excited about the use of TRA’s PRPs to capture ‘swing purchaser’ households – households that spend heavily in a category, but spend less than 25% of their category dollars on a specific brand – and are likely to be swayed by the ‘gentle reminder’ of a targeted ad.”

Mark Lieberman (pictured), TRA’s CEO, said: “To work with an up-and-coming company in the media space that shares TRA’s same innovative approach is a powerful partnership.”