NEWS28 October 2010

Médiamétrie unveils new mobile web measurement system

Europe Technology

FRANCE— Media research firm Médiamétrie has launched a mobile web audience measurement system, which has been developed in conjunction with mobile operators and advertisers.

The industry-owned agency worked with mobile networks Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR and advertisers UDA, UDECAM, Geste, SRI, MMA and Acsel.

The hybrid measurement system blends anonymous connection data from all Bouygues, Orange and SFR phones and a representative panel of 10,000 mobile web users. Results will be released on a quarterly basis and wi-fi connections outside of operator networks will be counted next year.

Laurent Battais, Médiamétrie’s executive director of performance and cross media, said: “The new mobile web audience measurement definitively sets mobile technology apart as a distinct media category. It allows advertisers and their consultants to know precisely how it is performing and to effectively integrate it into their media plans.”

Talks to develop a mobile web measurement system began in January 2009.