NEWS7 February 2011

MarketTools adds features to TrueSample quality tool

News Technology

US— MarketTools has released a new version of its TrueSample panel quality tool, which provides more information to help panel owners understand the behaviour of their respondents.

The new version of TrueSample:

  • tracks the length of time a respondent has been on the panel, to see whether this is affecting how people answer questions,
  • tracks how often respondents complete surveys,
  • allows users to check validation results at an individual level, to see why a participant has been included in or excluded from a survey,
  • allows users to apply different validation techniques to different sources of sample – making it easier to manage surveys that involve more than one sample source.

John Ouren of MarketTools said the new version of the tool came in response to demand from clients for greater reporting detail, transparency and more flexible testing and validation options.