NEWS22 April 2015

Marketers’ understanding of customer journey ‘no better than four years ago’

News UK

UK — Marketers have made ‘little-to-no progress’ in joining the dots across their customers’ journeys since 2011, according to new research.

The research, from call-based marketing automation company ResponseTap in partnership with Econsultancy, looked at companies’ and agencies’ understanding of the customer journey. When asked if their customers’ journey was understood in 2011, 38% of respondents agreed, but said that there was very little management across touchpoints. When asked the same question in 2014, the statistics remained the same.

The research identified siloed internal structures as an issue, with 39% of agency respondents identifying this as a barrier to understanding the customer journey, and 21% of marketers agreeing.

“For an innovative business to deliver a premium customer experience, clarity around who in the business owns the customer journey is key,” said Bhavesh Vaghela, chief marketing officer at ResponseTap. “Ensuring that the internal teams are working coherently together across all channels will determine how successful the customer experience is.”

The full report can be downloaded here.