NEWS21 September 2023

MarketCast launches brand tracking

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US – Research agency MarketCast has developed a brand research offer combining consumer, advertising and survey data.

MarketCast brand tracking tool shown on a laptop screen

MarketCast has combined behavioural data, including data from search, social media, smart TVs and purchases, with data on advertising performance and survey data for the ‘Brand Tracking+’ tool.

It is based on a scoring methodology that identifies drivers of what the company calls ‘brand fandom’, which are: brand presence in the market; brand distinction in its category and among competitors; and a brand’s relevance to the lives of audiences.

Data to assess the three drivers is gathered from consumer surveys and then connected to behavioural datapoints to develop a score that marketers can use to compare over time with competitors and across categories.

Edward Trujillo, senior vice president of Brand Solutions at MarketCast, said the tool helps to identify the factors influencing ‘brand fandom’: . “from people’s passions and emotional connections for their favourite brands to how they engage with and advocate for them daily”.

Chief executive John Batter said the offer would “connect the dots between what people think and say about brands in traditional research surveys to how they engage with them in the real-world and in real-time through product purchases and other conversions”.