NEWS21 September 2015

MaritzCX launches customer experience platform

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US — MaritzCX has launched its big data-powered customer experience platform.

The launch comes 10 months after Maritz acquired customer experience software company Allegiance and formed a new, independent company, MaritzCX.

The new platform is intended to enable organisations to make information on customer experience available to all users that need it.

“We have taken full advantage of the software, development, and engineering that came from both Allegiance and Maritz Research,” said Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX. “The resulting MaritzCX Platform is the most complete, flexible, and scalable solution available for holistic CX. Our technology focus has also accelerated all aspects of our business, including wider adoption, faster implementations, more efficient engagements, more integrated research, broader services, and our ability to deliver more immediate results.”