NEWS1 July 2016

MaritzCX adds prediction tool

Data analytics News UK

UK – Global customer experience software and services company MaritzCX has released PredictionCX, to predict customer behaviour.

The company said that the product takes information provided by the few customers who respond to customer surveys and applies the knowledge to the rest.

PredictionCX uses predictive modelling to extrapolate survey data across large customer populations. This data can lead to insights that help retention, recovery, growth, and programme ROI.

Stephan Thun, European CEO of MaritzCX, said: "Customers are telling businesses much more than they realise. If you’re not leveraging this customer data, you’re leaving opportunity and money on the table. Organisations that combine survey results with organic sources of customer data will be able to predict what customers need — without having to ask.”

MaritzCX has partnered with PurePredictive™, an advanced analytics technology company to deliver part of PredictionCX. PredictionCX is integrated into MaritzCX dashboards and case management.