NEWS15 July 2016

MaritzCX launches social media reputation tool

Media News UK

UK – Global customer experience company MartizCX has released SocialCX, a tool to help companies manage and increase positive reviews on social media to boost online reputation.

The company said that SocialCX helps clients create a more favourable social presence at the local level and increases customer conversion. It can also identify, distribute and respond to negative or positive online feedback and reviews.

SocialCX focuses on social media sources that contain the most useful information — such as popular local review sites — and then uses a MaritzCX text analytics engine to turn the unstructured social media data into relevant insights.

Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX, said: “Every day, thousands of customers rate, review and discuss their experiences on countless social media and online review sites. Every company is onlsy one bad review or post away from public ridicule and the economic impact that can follow.

“By monitoring online reviews alongside other customer experience sources of information, businesses are better armed to make the right and most relevant customer experience improvements that will boost customer retention and revenue.”