NEWS11 August 2015

LivingLens secures £1m in series A funding

Financials UK

UK — Video analysis software company LivingLens has received £1m in series A funding.

The mix of investors are made up of some from LivingLens’ involvement in the Collider Accelerator programme, and marketeers and financiers. The money will be used to expand the client servicing function and to continue to develop its video technology.

“We are now working with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies to enable them to get closer to their consumers and drive more value out of the data source that is video,” said Carl Wong, CEO of LivingLens.

“Our Enterprise scale platform from smartphone apps through to our Video Business Intelligence & Data Mining engine, enables our clients to leverage video, quickly and efficiently as if it was any other type of data. In essence we make video, which was an impenetrable media, a more much valuable asset.”