NEWS4 April 2019

LivingLens adds facial blurring option

News UK

UK – Insight tech business, LivingLens, has added a tool to blur faces in a video or image, or the complete blurring of individual media in its video intelligence platform.

Facial bluring

To boost privacy and overcome some permission issues, when enabled, admin users of the platform can selectively blur captured content. This doesn’t impact its facial emotion recognition which is carried out on the original content.

Users can switch between blurred and unblurred displays to carry out relevant analysis and insight generation.

Any individual piece of content selected for blurring will also be blurred in the subsequent showreels created in the platform. 

Carl Wong, LivingLens CEO said: “Healthcare is a particular area of growth; however, it comes with its own unique challenges. We’re delighted that the introduction of facial blurring will enable those in pharma and healthcare research to benefit as much as possible from video storytelling.”