NEWS7 September 2009

Lee named Asia CEO of auto specialist Enprecis

Asia Pacific People

US— Automotive customer research firm Enprecis has set up an Asian subsidiary, which will be headed by Ike Lee, an investor in the business.

Lee, who is an independent adviser to technology start-ups and a venture partner at venture capital firm Ignition Partners, helped co-found Enprecis Asia-Pacific.

As CEO, he will be responsible for introducing Asian car manufacturers to Enprecis’s product offering, which primarily consists of tools and programmes for helping car dealers carry out online research with customers and prospects, and to source feedback on new vehicle purchases.

Lee (pictured) was educated in Korea and worked for the LG Group for three years before moving to the US in 1980.

“Ike’s intellect and experience present a unique understanding of the role and opportunity of American innovation in our transforming world,” said Richard Counihan, CEO Enprecis. “His insight, deep understanding of, and connections to, institutions of the Asia Pacific region make him a welcome collaborator and contributor.”


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