NEWS6 March 2019

Kantar DIY research platform open for business

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UK – Kantar’s on-demand research and insights platform, Kantar Marketplace, has now launched.

Kantar marketplace_crop

The previously announced quick-turnaround research service opens today in 21 countries, including the UK, France, Germany and the US.

By the end of March, 30 countries will be able to use the platform, including Denmark, Ireland and Japan.

The platform offers sample reach of 80 million consumers, with an initial portfolio of tools including: advertising pre-testing and campaign measurement; quick polls to ask 1,000 respondents one question; and a do-it-yourself survey option.

Other services will be added in future, including innovation and concept testing, reputation intelligence and the Global Monitor tool.

Will Galgey, chief executive of Kantar Marketplace, said: “As we launch more solutions in to the store it will transform the way we engage with, and support, our clients. The initial reaction from clients has been extremely positive.”