NEWS19 June 2019

Kantar launches marketing tools

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UK – Kantar has launched four artificial intelligence-based marketing tools, including a platform to assess content across media contexts.

The ‘Context Lab’ tool, launched at Cannes Lions, will evaluate how content performs across different environments, including boutique websites and live social feeds.

Kantar also introduced ‘Creative Transport', a means of forecasting the performance of creative executions designed for one country if they are transferred to other markets. The tool uses data from historical advertising and Kantar’s Link database.

Additionally, the company launched a social media image analytics platform and a tool based on insights from brand lift studies and sales data that aims to help marketers balance marketing activities between short-term sales and long-term brand growth.

Eric Salama, chief executive at Kantar, said: “From understanding how your brand is perceived and used by consumers in social media, to ensuring investments are repurposed or directed to the right channels through to calculating ROI, it is clear AI is beginning to have a significant impact in the world of marketing”.

Earlier this week at Cannes Lions, Salama discussed Kantar’s impending sale.