NEWS12 April 2017

Isobar launches fast-turnaround neuroscience product

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US – Digital agency Isobar has launched MindSight Direct, a fast-turnaround version of its applied neuroscience product.  

Neuroscience crop

MindSight, a method for studying unconscious emotions, was developed to uncover 'motivational emotions’ that it believes fuel the choices that people make and the actions they take. 

Isobar claims to have synthesised the work of psychologists and organised key motivations into a framework, which it dubs a ‘periodic table of motivations', called the MindSight Motivational Matrix.

MindSight Direct offers the same approach but faster – the announcement claims to be 10 times faster and less than 20% of the cost. 

It offers customisable elements such as audience, demographics and questions; the ability to run as a stand-alone study or as part of a broader initiative; validation in an applied-neuroscience approach and metrics; norm-based results using the MindSight normative database; an interactive dashboard with downloadable report and data file; and a dynamic analysis of the results with full description of motives, images and word association results.