NEWS8 February 2018

Isobar launches MindSight research partner scheme

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US – Global digital agency Isobar has created a partner programme to give research agencies access to its emotional testing platform, MindSight Direct.

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The MindSight Direct Partner Program will be led by Jessica Azoulay, vice-president of Isobar’s marketing intelligence practice, and launches with four initial members: L&E Research, thinqonline, Research Engine and Sprout Research.

MindSight is Isobar’s method for studying unconscious emotions and the partner scheme allows research companies to use MindSight Direct to help their clients understand consumer behaviour while Isobar extends the reach of its MindSight Direct product to new markets and customers.

Azoulay said: “Long gone are the days of one tool, one technique. Instead researchers must integrate multiple approaches to generate true a-ha moments. Our scalable non-conscious emotional testing tool MindSight Direct, has the speed, depth and cost effectiveness partners seek to boost the ROI of their current offerings.”