NEWS31 October 2016

Ipsos survey to measure Russian World Cup brand activity

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RUSSIA – Ipsos has launched a syndicated survey ahead of the Football World Cup in Russia in June 2018.

The survey will cover FIFA and Russian Football Union sponsors and football advertising from brands that are not official sponsors.

The study will cover four key questions: if promotional efforts at the World Cup reach expected business results for the development of the brand; is there enough effective communication to overcome the advertising clutter and attract attention to the brand; how consumers involved in the interaction with the brand in connection with FIFA World Cup; and is advertising investment distributed effectively?

It will take place over seven waves, split in three stages: Early Stage ( 2016-2017 ); Before the Cup (May 2018 ); and After the Cup (July 2018 ).

In each wave 1,200 online interviews will be conducted among 14+ year old Russians living in cities with 100,000+ inhabitants. The first wave of tracking has already started and the results will be released in early November.