NEWS14 November 2018

Infotools integrates with Voxco and FocusVision

Asia Pacific Data analytics News

NEW ZEALAND – Market research analysis company Infotools has partnered with data collection platforms Voxco and FocusVision’s Decipher to integrate them with its Harmoni research platform.

Connecting the two platforms with Infotools means as respondents complete surveys via FocusVision Decipher and Voxco, the data will be made instantly available for analysis in the cloud-based Harmoni platform.

The integration offers a native connection, so data will not need to be converted to be analysed, and automatic updates will simplify the platform for users, according to Infotools.

Geoff Lowe, executive director of Infotools, said: “This integration allows collected survey data to flow – in real time – into Infotools Harmoni, where it can be quickly organised, analysed and transformed into sharable stories and dashboards that deliver powerful insights. Researchers using Harmoni can deliver better insights faster.”