NEWS12 June 2014

iModerate announces longitudinal qualitative offering

News North America

US — iModerate has announced the launch of a new longitudinal qualitative product suite.

Qual Tracker combines three solutions: Audience Tracker, KPI Tracker and Competitive Tracker (all available independently), which have been designed to “allow clients to engage consumers more with topical consistency”.

The individual solutions have the following aims:

  • Audience Tracker: measures audiences’ changing desires, attitudes and behaviours
  • KPI Tracker: Offers insight into drivers behind KPIs
  • Competitive Tracker: Helps clients gauge consumers’ perceptions of and relationship with competition

“Traditional trackers are great at providing research at scale, but consumers are less patient and responsive than they used to be, resulting in fatigue and less in-depth insights,” said Jen Drolet, iModerate’s managing partner (pictured).

“Traditional qualitative methods are great at providing insight depth, but don’t scale. Our new portfolio addresses these deficiencies by providing a constant stream of consumer dialogue that is then examined using cutting-edge text analytics and human expertise to help clients get out of their reactive rut and discover something truly forward-looking.

“We’re excited to bring this new approach to market at a time when the market most demands it.”

More information can be found here.