NEWS18 August 2010

Ideavibes debuts crowdsourcing tool

North America Trends

CANADA— Social media startup Ideavibes has launched a new crowdsourcing tool that it says will help brands rate ideas and solicit online input from customers.

The online engine, also called Ideavibes, allows users to assemble a ‘crowd’ and then approach it for feedback on new ideas, projects or products.

Participants, sourced through client databases, are also able to vote on topics, and the engine will track and analyse any comments that they make about suggested subjects.

Ideavibes CEO Paul Dombowsky said: “While solutions exist for large enterpises, our market research revealed that there is room for a focused, easy to deploy crowdsourcing solution that can be quickly and affordably set up.

“What Ideavibes delivers is akin to an online focus group – to gain a better understanding of what is important to your market, stakeholders or staff with specific input that you can use to build a strategy or set direction – all in a cost-effective manner that is transparent to the crowd, building community and trust.”