NEWS11 October 2012

HP challenges Gartner report showing it in second place

North America Technology

US— Computer manufacturer HP has taken issue with Gartner’s latest research report, which states that Chinese firm Lenovo had taken over as the global leader in PC sales.

Gartner says that during the third quarter of 2012, Lenovo claimed 15.7% of the market and took the lead spot from HP, which took 15.5% of the market.

However, HP has challenged the findings, arguing that Gartner’s report does not take workstation PCs into account, and that an IDC report for the same period paints a more accurate picture. According to IDC figures, HP holds 15.9% of the PC market with Lenovo in second place with 15.7%.

HP said in a statement: “While there are a variety of PC reports in the market, some don’t measure the market in its entirety. The IDC analysis includes the very important workstation segment and is therefore more comprehensive.”