NEWS18 October 2013

HP Autonomy unveils multichannel Digital Marketing Hub

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US — HP Autonomy has unveiled its HP Digital Marketing Hub, a system that enables organisations to “tap into, process and act on data from a wide variety of marketing systems and technologies”, according to the company.

The hub combines technologies from HP Autonomy, HP Vertica and HP Labs, and uses the HP Converged Cloud to “bring advanced analytics to all marketers”.

Through a cloud-based interface, HP claim that marketers can use the hub to dynamically identify customer segments, build prescriptive models that match segments to targeted campaigns, offers and content, and engage real-time with these customers across advertising, contact centre, mobile, print, social and web touch points.

“HP is taking a differentiated approach to solving a fundamental challenge for marketers – how to increase engagement, yield and conversions amidst a constantly changing marketplace,” said Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Market Optimisation, HP Autonomy.

“Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re enabling customers to leverage uniques assets from HP as well as investments they’ve made in other marketing technologies, to help them derive deeper insights and deliver better, more effective content in real time.”


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10 years ago

Having been there for the product launch, and seen the demos, I can say this suite is going to be a game changer, for a few reasons: 1. It combines products bought over multiple acquisitions into a single cloud based platform. TeamSite, Optimost and Explore, which touched on WCM, Targeting/MVT and BigData mining respectively will provide marketers with a pretty neat tool to carve the right message. I posted some screenshots and a review of what's in this suite on my blog at

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