NEWS29 October 2010

Google adds Kantar’s DirecTView data to TV Ads service

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US— Google has signed up to use return path data (RPD) from Kantar’s DirecTView television audience measurement panel to support its online TV advertising marketplace, Google TV Ads.

The deal aims to provide advertisers with “more accurate ad performance and viewership data” for campaigns aired on DirecTV, Google said.

DirecTView collects second-by-second viewing data from 100,000 US households along with demographic information. Google said that the new data would be fully integrated into the advertising service by 2011.

In addition to the DirecTView data, Google’s TV Ads platform also relies on set-top box data from Dish Network and Tivo, and has deals with Nielsen for additional demographic data and segmentation tools.

Kantar Media Audiences’ chief commercial officer Bud Breheney said: “Data-driven advertising marketplaces are creating new opportunities for television programmers to connect with marketers, spurred by the ability of ad buyers to gain insight into the programming inventory under consideration… Our data integration with Google TV Ads is a prime example of how such data can help grow the ad sales market.”

Recently, Kantar launched the Data Partner Programme to integrate DirecTView information into other datasets. First up was a deal with Microsoft, which is using the figures in its Admira media buying service.