NEWS17 October 2013

Further adoption of ‘critical’ analytics may be restricted by shortage of talent

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US — A survey of the analytics industry reveals that although analytics is seen as critical to decision-making, a shortage of people with the skills needed to glean insights from data may be preventing its use.

Software company Lavastorm Analytics said that, based on its survey of 425 participants in the analytics industry, over 65% believe that organisations lack the numbers of people required to make the most of the data they have. According to Lavastorm, this could restrict the use of analytics in the future.

The survey found that the biggest factors holding organisations back from using analytics included: lack of skills/training/education ( 19%), lack of funding or resources ( 18%) and inadequate support from executives ( 10%).

Respondents felt that the skills most urgently needed in their organisations include statistics, math or quantitative skills ( 48%), analytics tools training ( 40%) and critical thinking ( 28%).

“Our latest survey points towards a major inflection point in the importance of analytics in building great businesses,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm Analytics. “There is a supply and demand gap that, left unaddressed, will stall the obvious advantages of data-driven decision-making.”

The full report is online here.

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10 years ago

Interesting results. While it's possible there is a shortage of people with the right skills, it's also possible there is a lack of demand for analytics projects, as pointed out by Talent Analytics, Corp CEO Greta Roberts. The business drives demand - so maybe the shortage is actually backwards.

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