NEWS4 September 2015

FreshMinds launches ideation product

News UK

UK — FreshMinds has launched a new ideation product, Spark.

Spark is designed to assist brands in the early stages of the innovation process by “fuelling ideation for new products and services”.

FreshMinds claims to use a combination of idea-generation, filtering and selection to ensure only the strongest ideas are taken forward in the development process. The company has also announced that as well as launching Spark, it has refreshed its product range to include six offers that span the product and service development cycle.

“We encourage our clients to respond with agility to changes in their markets and we wanted to practise what we preach to really strengthen our offering” said FreshMinds CEO Caroline Plumb. “Through our refreshed set of services, we will continue to help our clients capitalise on opportunities for growth but we’re also thrilled to have bolstered our offer to brands in the earliest stages at the innovation process through our Spark product.”