NEWS28 June 2022

Former Trinity McQueen staff found new research agency

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UK – Two senior members of market research services firm Trinity McQueen have departed to launch their own research consultancy for digital, technology and media called Waveform Insight Studio.

Chris Handford and Daniel Eddy

Chris Handford, formerly director of insight services, and Daniel Eddy, former head of product and research, (both pictured) departed Trinity McQueen in June to create Waveform after having both worked at the company since 2013.

Waveform is based in Barbican, London, and will offer mixed-method insight services covering audience insight, strategic market research and user and consumer experience (UX and CX).

The founders said there would be three main areas of focus for the new agency, including ‘product discovery’, where explorative and generative research would help identify markets, under-served needs and build empathy with audiences.

‘Product definition’, where surveys and analytics gauge go-to-market strategies and product/market fit, and ‘product delivery, where evaluative research helps shape and hone products ahead of their launch, will be the other tow main areas of focus for Waveform.

Handford said: “Our goal with Waveform is to help bridge the gaps that have developed between market, UX and CX research. All too often, we see teams and agencies doing their type of research really well but they don’t collaborate or share insights enough, which diminishes the focus on the customer.

What we offer with Waveform is a way for businesses to partner with a consultancy that can support them with user insight across the entirety of the design and development process: identifying and prioritising Jobs-to-be-Done, building empathy with users and their journeys, segmenting audiences on needs, refining pricing strategy and improving user experiences.”

Eddy said: “Client-side teams who need audience insight are typically faced with long lead times and high prices for quality custom research. This can be a struggle to mesh with product road maps, budgets and needs – especially given the current economic climate.

“We hope our transparent approach, fast timescales, and keen pricing, remove many of the barriers to commissioning product research and the drag factors that slow down decision-making.”