NEWS13 May 2022

Former Neogrid executive joins Birdie

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US – AI-powered SaaS platform Birdie has appointed Eduardo Kazmierczak as director of product & technology.

Head shot of Eduardo Kazmierczak

Kazmierczak (pictured) was previously chief technology officer at Neogrid, the largest demand signal repository for the retail industry in Latin America.

He is also the co-founder of Accera, a technology company that helps consumer goods companies in Brazil and Latin America with an integrated solution for sales and inventory management. He held the role of chief operating officer there, developing and leading the company’s technology, product, and customer success areas, until the merger with Neogrid in 2018. 

In his new role at Birdie, Kazmierczak will use his expertise in product development to develop new products and features that will support product managers along the product lifecycle. Kazmierczak will also contribute to leading the in-house product manager teams.

Kazmierczak has over 18 years’ experience in technology and the SaaS market as an executive and an entrepreneur. In addition to his experience as a technology executive, Kazmierczak is a Global Endeavor Entrepreneur.

He follows the scenario of companies in their rapidly expanding phase and shares best practices and strategies for accelerating business in technology and other segments. 

According to Alexandre Hadade, co-founder and chief executive of Birdie, Kazmierczak’s arrival reinforces the team and the company goals. “We know how important it is to have an executive with experience in scaling data companies to help us at this time”, he said.

“Eduardo founded a data-based technology company that has become a point of reference in Brazil. He now brings his expertise to help us meet our vision of becoming a strategic cockpit for product managers by building the largest product intelligence database in the world using high-end technology.”