NEWS27 May 2022

Birdie hires head of product

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US – Artificial intelligence (AI) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm Birdie has appointed Alexandre Spengler as head of product.

Alexandre Spengler

Spengler (pictured) was previously head of product for Brazil-headquartered fintech bank Nubank and has also worked as group product manager at SaaS company RD Station.

At Birdie, Spengler will focus on helping expand the company and focus on the company’s products and product culture.

Founded in 2018, Birdie is a SaaS platform that generates insights for product development and optimisation, and uses AI and natural language processing to analyse consumer opinions from different public and private data sources.

Alex Hadade, chief executive and co-founder at Birdie, said: “Spengler has immense experience leading product teams and helping both early-stage and unicorn companies scale their products.

“Spengler will help Birdie augment current capabilities to ensure that product teams can deeply understand their customer needs and drive product leadership with more data-driven decisions.”