NEWS28 August 2014

Facebooks adds signal strength-based ad targeting

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US — Advertisers can now target Facebook ads based on the strength of a user’s phone signal when they visit the social network.

The idea is that advertisers can use this information to limit data-heavy ads – such as videos – to users with a strong 4G connection, and run ‘lighter’ ads on those with weaker connections.

The new targeting works across all of Facebook’s ad units, including auto-play video ads and in conjunction with all other targeting options, according to an article in Advertising Age.

  • This comes alongside news that 82.9% of Americans distrust Facebook with their personal information
  • This compares to 76.8% who distrust the government; 67.1% who distrust LinkedIn; and 52.8% who distrust Google
  • This is according to a survey of 4,000 Americans by personal information management company mylife