NEWS5 December 2016

Facebook key platform for Christmas video campaigns

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UK — Analysis from social media analytics firm Socialbakers has revealed that 90% of all interactions and 60% of all views of Christmas TV adverts were via Facebook. 

Buster the boxer crop

YouTube’s share of views was 40%.

Socialbakers analysed 10 of the most talked-about Christmas adverts of 2016. It found that 69% of all interactions with Christmas TV ads on social were with the John Lewis Christmas advert (pictured), and that the retailer, alongside Marks & Spencer and Waitrose, dominated across all social media platforms.

However, the analysis also revealed that video content on Facebook has a two-day shelf life, but that content on YouTube continued to be viewed for longer.

'For all brands, the first two days of a video being live generated the lion’s share of interactions on Facebook before dropping significantly,’ the report said. ‘Meanwhile, content on YouTube continues to drive views throughout the month following the launch, demonstrating how YouTube maintains its position as the go-to video platform for users to discover video content.'