NEWS28 September 2012

E-Rewards and Kiva team up

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US— Micro-lending website Kiva, a non-profit organisation that aims to alleviate poverty in developing countries through donations, has appointed E-Rewards as its exclusive market research partner.

As a result of the partnership, E-Rewards has made a charitable donation and established a loan fund of $450,000 to provide microloans to support entrepreneurs in developing countries. The data collection firm has also issued $25 Kiva credits to its staff in order to let them donate to entrepreneurs of their choice.

Kurt Knapton (pictured), president and CEO at E-Rewards, said: “We share a common vision of improving our global community, and through this unique partnership, we are able to engage survey respondents, employees, clients and vendors in supporting the good work of Kiva.”



9 years ago

I've never before been part of a company that was so committed to charitable functions. In the past, we've participated in volunteer days where every employee helps out at a local food bank, women's shelter, or something similar. Now with Kiva, I've just lent $25 to an underprivileged farmer to help him purchase piglets for his farm. A good deed a day keeps the doctor away. :)

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9 years ago

Being part of a company that gives back makes you work harder each day. We are helping people advance, become more educated and start companies that support families and better generations. This is a great way to influence thousands of lives across the globe.

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